Quote 24 May 1 note
you are still and will always be worth all the lonely nights that occur between the time i last got to hold you & the time i’m now counting down to.
Quote 29 Apr 1 note
i wonder if you see the moon in all its unabashed splendour, peeking out through the parting of the clouds, and think of me.
Photo 18 Feb 1 note
Quote 8 Jan 1 note
her fingers curled into his hair and he smiled against her lips. he had finally come home.
Quote 6 Jan 1 note
i prayed for your happiness because i knew that if you are happy, i could learn to be happy.
Quote 4 Jan 2 notes
i fell asleep thinking of you and how my fingers fit into the spaces between yours and i woke up with a smile.
Quote 16 Sep 1 note
it was the kind of place that God would touch, the kind of place that you had to feel rather than see.
Quote 18 Aug
you never realize how hard it would be to say goodbye to the life you’ve led until you’re actually at the finish line.
Quote 16 Aug
medicine got it wrong. the capacity to live is to die over and over and over again. and then maybe once more.
Photo 11 Aug 2 notes
Quote 11 Aug
despite the briefness of our encounters, you made my life beautiful.
Quote 11 Aug 2 notes
i found my way home tracing the soft lines of your palms.
Quote 5 Aug 1 note
i could lie with my head upon your chest and let your heartbeat fill my being for more than a lifetime.
Quote 1 Aug
you only heard the silences between our sentences. i heard the way our breaths hitched and the melody our eyes sang.
Quote 1 Aug
knowing what awaits is very different from accepting and welcoming what awaits.

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